I am 16 years old and I found out about 10 weeks ago that my dad has stage 4 brain cancer. The type of tumor is a glioblastoma multiforme the worst kind. I have two brothers who are 31,24 and a sister who is 18. I have just started year 12 so this is going to be one of the biggest years of my life in many ways and I am starting to worry about how I am meant to balance my school workload with everything else going on. My dad had his surgery at St Vincents hospital and has just finished his first round of Chemotherapy and radiation. I am so amazed to see how life can quickly change and my perspective on what I thought were problems has changed rather dramatically. I think everyone kind of has that view that ' this could never happen to me' but thats life it throws challenges at you. Throughout this I guess you see how strong your family is and especially my dad. A few things I should let you know about him: - He doesnt like being told what to do - He is one of the funniest people I know - He is becoming increasingly wiser in his cancerous state. Even while being diagnosed with stage 4 cancer having chemo and radio therapy my dad continues to go about normal daily life. He is still going to work ( he runs his own business) where he would drive to the hopital at about 3:30 get zapped and go back to work while taking tablets for chemotherapy.My dad is not the type of person that likes to feel sorry for himself and continually tells me that everyone has 'Their time' its just that he has a bit more of an idea of when his is over. Coming to the statistics 75% of people are not expected to live over 2 years but hopefully he can beat that. I think it is SO important that you continue on with your life and keep doing your daily routines and even if you dont feel like it you have to accept that life keeps moving on around you. Now coming to the hard stuff - As everyone does you have those moments where you think about all the things they are going to miss out on but it is never me i feel upset for. Its not fair that my dad doesnt get to live out the rest of his life and see his kids grow up and that my mum and him cant do so many of the things that they were planning for. I am so scared for the time when I have to say goodbye and I dont ever want their to be a moment where my dad is scared or worried about anything. After the surgery things have changed he is much more quiet, he has lost all of his hair and he is tired quite a bit but again that doesnt stop him. There was a while where I almost felt guilty for being upset because there are so many people in the world that have worse things happen but I guess accepting that in my own life I am experiencing a big change is important. 4 things I am thankful for: - My health - My family - The memories I have shared with my dad - my families ability to make the best out of a bad situation
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