Tomorrow is Mothers day and my brother and his family are coming for dinner along with the rest of my family. I almost had a panic attack that he may not come as I fear that it may be the last Mothers day we share. I feel guilty even thinking this as I am trying to stay strong with the belief that he will overcome this disease and he will be the miracle. Fear and Hope both compete for the front position in my mind. I hope with all my heart that my brother and I have many more years together but I fear that we will not. My big brother is not just your average Jo Blow, he is a larger than life presence in our family. He fills a room, he makes a party, he is the one the kids look to for fun. So, tomorrow we will make another happy memory that we can cherish and we will be grateful that we are all together as a family ( with the exception of my oldest brother who lives in WA). I hope my darling sister in law also get through another day where she too may wonder if it will be her last Mothers Day with her husband. My sister in law is a pillar of strength and an inspiration to me!. I hope everyone battling cancer and their families have a wonderful Mothers Day!!.
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