Hi everyone I don't have a lot of time as i am writing this in an internet cafe. I finally made it to London....I went to my local dr and agreed to have an ordinary x-ray of my shoulder and neck which showed nothing wrong (though she did say it was not the best diagnostic test) She told me to go on my trip and worry about nothing and just enjoy myself and if the pain persisted on my return we could do more testing then. My oncologist rang me back on the day I was leaving and he too said we could look into things further on my return. So here i am .. and I will be staying longer than first planned as my daughter (who has a rental property here) has some problems to deal with so we will be extending our stay by a week. I will be heading to Athens and the Greek Islands on the 15th May. I hope you are all doing ok and even though I am so far away my thoughts are always with you all. You have been my strength and have given me such good advice during this difficult journey and for this I am and will alway be grateful. Take care, kind regards, Willow xo
Hi Willow, I hope you have a great time on your holiday, and no worries or pain. Take care S
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Hi Willow, Have a wonderful time in England, there is so much to explore and see, the countryside in particular is beautiful. I have a fond memory of a trip to Blackpool to see the Illuminations and munching on a piece of Blackpool Rock and also enjoying Fish and Chips in York. Willow, you have acted upon your health concerns, so whilst on your trip try to relax and let the days be filled with new experiences. I’m sure you will have many stories to tell us upon your return. Take care. Reindeer xx
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Hi Willow have a great time and do what I did on my little interstate holiday - think cancer free stress free worry free and just enjoy everything xxx
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Hey Willow How fun for you and wonderful and and and. Go have the best time and as reindeer has mentioned ... have some blackpool rock. Watch the teeth though. lol Julie xo
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Brilliant - as the pommies would say! Have an awesome time. I know when I jumped on a plane on impulse and went to New York with my dear, dear friend last October, I remember thinking one day, that I had gone 2 whole days and not thought about cancer. As her husband had died from cancer 3 years earlier, it was pretty momentous for both of us. A beautiful time of the year to be in Greece. Enjoy!!! Samex
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