I am extremely lacking in motivation right now, and I am not the one with this insidious disease festering inside me. Whats it matter if the house is messy, grass is too long and there is no food in the fridge. While I am lamenting what I am going to lose.....he is busy (while he can) to finally build that front garden I wanted, showing me how to do the odd jobs he normally does around the house.....oh and cooking, he is the chef of the house, I am the disaster waiting to happen in the kitchen. He is now giving me instructions on where everything is in the kitchen and how to use it (the rest of my family will get a kick out of that). Now it is my turn to be strong like him and show him that I will be ok (even if I know that is not quite true), because that is what worries him the most ME! So I have decided that today is as good as any day to give myself a good quick kick up the butt! (not an easy feat). I am setting a goal: 1. I WILL start with a long walk to clear my head of all these negative thoughts. 2. I WILL clean the house and fill the fridge. 3. I WILL get in the garden and get rid of those noxious weeds that have taken over. 4. I WILL attempt to cook dinner (we may end up going out for dinner). 5. I WILL try to be as positive as you can be with all of this over our heads! 6. And the most important.....I WILL make every day count. I know it is a bit far into the New Year for resolutions...but have decided to add another to my fast growing list......From this day forward...I will take it one day at a time.
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