Yesterday was a bit of a blow I have hurt my knee, and am trying to rest as much as possible as I have to put down mulch next week before our house goes on the market. My mum took my eldest for the night, & Ben kindly offer to watch our youngest in the bath whilst I took 10 mins to lay down. Ben dried her & bought her into our room (which was a little unusual) he placed her on the bed, and went to his wardrobe. Without placing much thought, I laughed & said "ah hun, I don't think you'll find anything small enough in there for her" He turned, looked at me for a minute confused, & laughed- asked me to watch her whilst he went to her room to get her pj's. He came back with her bathers & proceeded to put them on her. Reality hit I quickly brushed it off, and went & got her pj's. He didn't seem to notice the 2 large issues staring us both in the face. I on the other hand, have thought about it since. I know weaning off dex makes them feel like crap, and do weird things cause their head is all foggy. But this.... well this was a little bit of an insight into what future looks like for us. And it's a bit fricken scary He had a good day today, mentioned before heading to bed every day off the dex is feeling better, so that is an amazing positive. I had the day at my parents today, so my knee is feeling much better. So gardening begins on Tuesday I think! I love him more every day, even when I get angry & frustrated with him. I didn't think it would be possible. T minus 8 days until scan day. He has told me no more chemo if there is growth. I can see his reasonings, it's hard to accept, but I understand & support him. Praying for no growth, or shrinkage! I hope all are feeling well tonight!
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