HI k,, Just wanted to make contact with you as I want to share with you what I did to recover from bone cancers in 2007 & it could make you feel a whole lot better real fast, you have a beautiful heart & a beautiful family & you deserve to get better fast!!!(I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT OUR BODY’S ARE SMART & ABSOLUTELY KNOW HOW TO HEAL THEMSELVES they just need the right conditions to thrive!!!)in 07 & 08 I had two operations to remove tumours from my bones & then they returned the docs deemed me inoperable & as a last resort in 2009 sent me to the peter mc callum cancer institute in melbourne I was to undergo a chemical drug trial (with some pretty nasty side effects & it would make me sterile) as I was only 27 & had no kids I didn’t want that so I went looking for answers & I found them. Iv gradually improved & got the all clear in my scans 6 months ago. I took Dr hulda clarks 3 harmless common herbs (which kill the human fluke parasite – its the #1 thing present in all cancer patients & the herbs wipe out the parasites + viruses within 24 hrs its like natural chemo without any of the side effects ,these same herbs were once given at 6 monthly check ups to patients in the u.k by docs up until the 1940s but they stopped it & boom the cancer rates skyrocketed) the parasite is very common & sucks the life out of your immune system & allows cancer to flourish. once its gone then your body is no longer under attack & can start the repair & rebuild process (i did this repair & rebuild by drinking lots of live enzyme juice. Carrot,beetroot & wheatgrass mainly – 3 x a day + I also made sure I got enough pure water,undisturbed sleep & 10 mins of sunshine & a bit of lite exercise + I cut down on all nasties. cancer feeds off sugar (working as a plumber I was eating lots of take away food, coke & pies for lunch on the job site) so I had to wean myself off the crap & my taste buds adjusted quickly & I grew to love the juices & now im addicted to the wellbeing feeling I get when I down them…ITS A FACT CANCER CANT SURVIVE IN AN ALKALINE BODY & filling up with lots of juice makes your body alkaline & cancer shrivels up & dies…its not rocket science & its not a thing your doctor would probably tell you (mine didn’t tell me & they are not interested in how I fixed myself either) If you already know about these things that’s great !!! (but i feel its wrong not to share my information as It worked for me & I have the scans to prove it I just wish someone told me this stuff back in 2007 then i would not have big scars & bones full of bone cement) If you want to know more please drop me a note as I have of learnt lots of other stuff I can share with you but what I have told you so far I feel was key to my recovery (also if you want to try the 3 herbs there are now organic aussie growers & you can get them at 100th of the price of you health food store I can give you the contacts (or i can send you some of mine free if you want to give it a go…i got it in bulk & have lots left so let me know … also the live enzyme juicer that i used is a twin gear that produces living nutrition (the domestic centrifugal juicers just don’t cut it they heat up the veg & kill the nutrition like cooking it) I use the angel juicer (they are not cheap but you can get them on ebay second hand from time to time – If you don’t have the $$$ I would be more than happy to send you mine for as long as you need it & your whole family can juice together everyday & be supper healthy….love to hear from you ,cheers & all the best Neil.
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