So- yesterday my darling husband started his radiotherapy....twelve treatments on his back in the hope it will shrink/burn/get rid of a tumour on his spine and stop causing his pain. We were warned of side effects, but this morning was hilarious (now, not so much as we were living through it). So we were on our way in the car to the hospital, just had to drop the five year old in at Nana's on the way. We are almost at Nana's when Bob decides he needs to vomit, then and there. Opens the car door, hurls and then I stop the car. Now I am useless with all things vomit, the noise, the smell, the sight- I go out in I open my door and promptly lose my breakfast all over the road....Poor 5 year old strapped in her car seat then leans over in a really little voice and says "Couldn't you wait to get inside? Are you guys okay?" To which both Bob and I responded with howls and much blubbering like babies. She is such a wise old soul in such a little little body. So we got ourselves together, took her into Nana's and continued on to the radiation treatment. Oh the situations one finds themselves in, all due to that cancer annoyance! But we have had a chuckle this afternoon as to what our daughter was actually thinking- and once again found ourselves trying to explain to her again how Daddy needs to get worse before he (hopefully) gets better!
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