I have joined today. I lost my Mum to cancer on 3-4-2010. Mum had what Drs believe were 2 primary cancers that presented at the same time. Pancreatic and Bowel Cancer. It was extremely aggressive and we were never given any hope for any kind of recovery. I helped my father care for Mum which I must say was a gift I gave but also received. I am 34 Mum, was my best friend and a great help to myself and my husband who have 3 children - 2 with special needs. So as you can imagine I am really missing her - and her advice love and support. I am at a very dark place at the moment. I miss her terribly and my heart is broken. I have joined to try to heal myself and gain insight. Is this normal? Does it get worse before it gets better? Thankyou
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