If I live for another 15 years I will have the pleasure and privilege of seeing my nephew and niece celebrate their 21st Birthdays. If I live for another 12 years I will see them reach 18 years. I saw my Oncologist today for the results of my recent scans - not good - I was told I have 2-3 years left. I am feeling a bit numb at the moment - it has not really registered and I don't really want it to. I had been on oral chemo and a drip from October last year. I stopped the oral in February due to side effects and then stopped the infusion 6 weeks ago. My lung and liver mets have increased - especially the liver which they are mainly concerned about. I now go back on my oral chemo - Xeloda - only- for 3 weeks to see how my body copes/reacts, then another scan!! My Oncologist believes the Xeloda was keeping the mets under control and that the chemo was not really doing anything positive. So now with a bit of trial and error and elimination we will see how I respond to my original drug by itself. God I hope he is right - I want my 15 years and I will do everything in my power to hopefully make that happen. cancer is a disgusting word and an abominable disease
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