My husband has had Melanoma for a year and we have have been on a huge learning and emotional curve of ups and downs. My husband has 1 tumour in his lung (the Largest) one in his brain one on his adrenal gland.The last two weeks have been hell. he had neuro surgery on one day then 8 days later he is having Bowel surgery and at the moment he is still in intensive care recovering. Since the surgery the other nioght we only knew of the 3 previously mentioned tumors. We now know that he must have lots more that the scans do not show. He had 2 in his bowel causing problems so they were removed and there are another 3 that they just left there. Needless to say his cancer is terminal. We just do not know how long he may have left. It is really scarey not knowing if he will come out of hospital or if he has a long time left.Of course i am hoping for a long time as we have a little 13 month old son. I wish i knew all of the answers. I wish i could keep him forever not just in my heart.
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