I have been fortunate not to be nauseated.Last Thursday I had to go to GP with very bad pains in lower abdomen I thought was a bladder infection but no it was a bad case of diverticulitis the antibotics I had for them made me very tired and had the strongest metallic taste.Had my First blood test and this morning and results came back with less than point 01 in my neutrophils can any one tell me what the count should be.Been to Gp now on more antibiotics thankfullly a different kind.
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hi mazza, so glad your 1st chemo went ok.its very daunting isnt it?you just dont know what 2 expect.i was told some quite scary specific things that would happen 2 me by a nurse and also my 1st oncologist and i sat there waiting 4 days n weeks 4 these symtoms to occur but thank goodness they did not....we all react differently and have a different story to tell even when we may have the same diagnosis as the next person.so much to learn about this cancer trip.i too had that disgusting metallic taste with my 1st lot of chemo(folfox).if i may give you 2 little tips that i found beneficial....1.drink lots of water(especially couple hours before you go for blood tests or putting canula in..easier 2 find your veins)2.rinse your mouth out with salty water as many times a day as you can remember(helps prevent mouth ulcers).i was given this info by a lovely lady i met during my 1st round and found it a godsend.ive had 3 different types of chemo over the past 21months(whos counting lol)and found each of them to have different side effects each time and also some extras thrown in(lucky duck hey lol).i know that if your neutrophils are below 1.5 they may delay treatment,this happened 2 me a few times.anything over that is a bonus.you start hanging out to see what your blood results are as soon as you hit the chemo ward.i wish you the best of luck with it all mazza.please dont be shy to ask questions,i am constantly walking around with a big question mark above my head but if im unsure i always ask.its your body and you are in charge. love n light mate bigmumma x
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