we all seem to be living on the edge at the moment with Dad being full of beans on minute and then the next mum working out whether she should call the family together or not. There is also the thoughts in the back of my mind that past history has been that when there has been a long weekend or a holiday celebrations that is when Dad ends up in hospital...I have everything crossed that we get through this weekend but I am just not sure. Will spend time with them on Monday and as always take precious time we have together as lasting memories. Love my Dad xoxox
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Have been thinking about you after what you wrote about "long weekends" because it triggered off memories for me. I do understand the eerie feeling you get when you know there seem to be certain times when things go wrong, as in your past history with long weekends because similar things used to happen in my family in "July!" :( Hope this long weekend is a good one for you, your mum & especially your dad :) Hugs Mez 😉
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