We got married 29 years ago, and for as long as I can remember, I have thought of him as my rock. He has always been there for me to lean on in hard times, which we have had our share of. When I was first diagnosed, I thought I had lost him, he stopped being him, no gardening, no pottering around the house, didn't even seem to want to work which he loves. That is the time I was strong, I sorted my affairs out, wrote my will, arranged my funeral and power of attorney, legal and financial. I did all these to spare him the burden. It cam to the stage where I was very worried about him, so we talked...........well I talked because he is not a great talker!!! It turned out that all these things I was doing freaked him out a bit, made it seem so real to him. I told him why I had done it, and that now I had peace of mind. I have been feeling really down lately, but it suddenly occurred to me that my rock is back!!! The gardening is done, I now have a frog pond, he does the shopping for me as it is too tiring for me, and he helps more than ever with the housework. He once again knows when I have had a bad day and need a hug. I am so lucky!!! Yes my darling I love you more each day, and I hope I can hang around until our 30th anniversary.
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