Hello, As with everyone else's life being changed dramatically on being told they have cancr so was mine when my brother told me had stomach cancer. He has begun chemo therapy and neither of us know what to expect, and I would like to be able to support him and help him through this time and take some of the load. I am new to this blogging - but would like useful advice on assisting with diet, food preparation and general caring. Regards Richard
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Hi Richard, sorry to hear your news. Just a quick response... I have just started taking fruit and vegetable capsules from JuicePlus.com.au, (to help me with my own thyroid cancer) these might help your brother get some much needed nutrients when he may have troubles eating normal food. They are not a vitamin or a cure but full of antioxidants and other good stuff. There are lots of studies etc to prove their worth. I purchased them through my representative Shannon Nevin who used to play for Manly (rugby league). I hope your brother is doing ok (or as best can be hoped for?) Christyanne
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Thank you Christyanne, I will pass that information on to my brother, My best wishes to you also. Richard.
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