Hi there to all those great people who have been there throughout my journey with my dad having cancer. I have been trying to get him to move down (from Central Coast to Sth Coast ) for 2 yrs and now it has finally happened!!!. He went into Gosford hosp with heart probs and after 2 weeks they told him he couldn't live alone so he finally agreed to move in with me. He lasted 1 day as he had rapid heartbeat and we had to get ambos to take him to local hospital(at least it is only 10mins away and not 3hr drive). But he has lost control of bowels/bladder and I just don't know if I can handle that. But I don't want him to go into a nursing home as that would kill him(even though my brother has approached hospital and said he wants him in a home-same bro who hasn't been to see dad in 5 yrs). My daughter and husband have moved his things into my place and we see him as well as my son and family see him twice day but now he is having hallucinations in hospital. I saw him today and he was fine but when my daughter saw him 4 hrs later he was full of horrible stories and that is not like dad. Where do I go from here. I NEED to give it a go bringing him home with me even for a little while. I need help
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