Hi I have posted many blogs on this site about my dad and you all have been great. After time in Gosford hospital my dad was told he couldn't live alone and he had to come live with me(which I have been trying for 18mths). Well we brought him down here and he lasted for 36 hrs before he had to go back to hospital!! I have his rooms set up here but he may never see them as we have been told he can't come home-he is highly dependent and needs nursing home care. This is killing me and my dad as we both want him here with me. Over the past 3weeks he is not the same person - he is disappearing before my eyes- lost so much weight and havinh halluciations and bad dreams and even though my daughter and I are in hospital through the day he doesn't seem to remember!! Sometimes he is lucid but other times he is not. I am trying but my health is bad and at times I feel as though I am having another stroke(after one in 2001) but I really need to be there for my dad as I love him so much. What do I do?
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