My husband (Marty) was diagnosed with an inoperable tumour on his brain stem on the 15th of May 2012. They were unable to biopsy it due to its location, but we were told it was aggressive and he would have less than 2 years to live. He started a 6 week (30 treatment) course of radiotherapy in June/July 2012, and had MRIs every 6 weeks to check the progress. Our oncologist put him on chemo tablets and he completed his first and only round in December 2012. He got so sick from it that he decided to cease all treatment and let nature run its course. We were put in touch with a palliative care team just before Christmas, and they did a home visit to check how he was doing. We are currently in regular contact with palliative care, and have the Blue Care nurses come out each Tuesday. Marty has lost feeling in the right side of his body. He cannot walk anywhere by himself as his balance is non-existent. He sleeps most of the day, and when he isn't asleep, he stares blankly at the TV. He has trouble getting his words out, and when he does, they are slurred. Over the past 2 months he has rapidly declined. I feel his time is coming to an end.
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