The miidle of May 2010 I laid on my bed and decided to exam myself and found that I had a lump in my right breast. It was pyhsically hard when touched and I didn't like it so I visited my GP two days later. He sent me for a mammogram and a ultrasound. The first time before meeting the surgeon on the first appointment at the Northern Hospital in Victoria I was saying to myself I didn't have breast cancer and also said to myself "why I am here in this hospital?" I had to meet this surgeon and my specialist sent me for a byopsy. I was reluntant to go through with it, but if I didn't, there would have been trouble for me later on. There was a nurse there with me while having the byopsy holding her hand really tight. The very first one I had and the last one also. It was positive so I had to go through a screaming lumpectomy on the 4th of August 2010 having 7cm of hooked wire, 3 mommagrams, 4 enjections into my breast then I was ready for threatre for the motive to try and save my breast. I was eager to do it as I didn't mind going to threatre. Riding on the bed going through the hospital to threatre I was laughing saying to myself if I do this it will be OK. Then I felt that it was finished and all over. But no my specialist sent me for a MRI and found some more small bits of cancer on my right breast. What a disappointment for me as I strongly begged these doctors to leave my breast on my chest.
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