Sometimes I just wonder where life will lead us and how long the journey will take. My husband is approaching the 2 year anniversary of his GBM diagnosis - its been a bumpy road but we have also had normality and in some ways I feel we are lucky that this has been the case. He still works , yet can't drive, we go out and socialise and accommodate our life to his limited mobility, we spend time together and time apart, we argue - all normal ! He is about to commence his 19th dose of Temodal with one more to follow - then the oncologists suggests we stop as his body needs the rest. We will have an MRI then to see what is happening - the last few have been stable , tumour still there but growth unchanged ............. but you just know it is lurking there, it feels as though it is just waiting to pounce and catch you off guard. Normality is our focus, and I think we are doing well. There are the bad days but there are also the good - we are off on holidays in 3 weeks and that is our focus, can't wait !
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