A little over 14 years ago we moved into our house which soon became our home. Across the street within 8 months our neighbour lost her husband to colon cancer. It was so sad to watch her go through the loss with and young daughter and son. Being an only child herself her Mother and her children became a very tight knit family. My neighbour gave provided her children with everything she possibly could. She never seemed to falter for even a moment after her husband died because her kids needed her. Last week she lost her own battle with cancer. She was first diagnosed last December with cervical cancer and after chemo and radiation last winter we thought she had it licked. In September the cancer came back in her neck and her lymph system. A little over 3 weeks ago I shaved her head while her daughter watched so bravely telling her, "it doesn't look that bad Mom." That was after her first round of chemo. She never got to her second round of chemo. I can't believe how heart breaking this has been. We shared our kids after her husband died. We rarely closed our curtains so we could keep an eye on each others house and home. It was like looking into another room of your own home and one of us was always there, usually her. We miss her so much. Our kids, the neighbours. She was so strong and so connected to her family she mentored us all with her commitment. Miss you so much my dear friend. There is a huge void where you once were. I was diagnosed the February before her with breast cancer. I am still in recovery. We shared out kids and we shared a diagnosis but we haven't shared a happy ending. I feel so helpless.
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