Hi everyone, Im only 12 years old, my cauzin died in a car crash in march, now my uncle has cancer and has had it for a long time now. He is going to die with in this month. He has cancer in his brain, arm pit, bones, blood stream, and probally other places. he hasnt ate for the past week. im worrie hes not going to make it past this weekend. i scared. i dont want him to die. i very rarely saw him but every time i went over by his house he felt like a dad to me. and my cauzin who is my uncles daughter felt like my sister, and my aunt who is his wife kinda felt like a second mom. whenever he dies thats going to be 3 deaths in my family in one year. the first one that died i wasnt really close to so i dont really miss him as much as i miss my causin and will miss my unckle.... any sugjestions on ways to make me un sad and help get over it???
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