Hi All, This is my first post ever on a blog and I am unsure of what will occur but as i have read here in the past 30 mins, alot of people share and it has helped so here goes.............. Almost 4 weeks ago now my whole family has had the earth shattering effect of cancer and boy did it knock the wind out of our sails. My dad has been diagnosed with a Glioblastoma Multiforme grade 4 which was located in his left frontal lobe of the brain. He has been lucky enough to have all visible signs of the tumour (kiwifruit size) removed however will commence a combination of chemo and radiotherapy in the hope of having more time with us. Whilst I am not the primary carer of my dad, I am the eldest of 4 childen who has accepted and has been expected to carry the burden of both my parents whilst they fight this disease. My most frustrating problem at the moment is siblings (16yrs & 19yrs) who are struggling to cope with this and having them help to keep the household/life running etc without becoming a 2nd mother. On top of trying to get their financial affairs in place and not really knowing where to start, I find that the welfare of my siblings is front of mind for my parents and as much as i know that they love and care for them as I do, I want to give them the opportunity to dedicate all their time to fighting this battle This has definitely felt therapeutic so any friendly advice would be greatly appreciated Until next time xxx
I really do not know what to say to you Irene. I along with my daughter have cared for both my parents at the same time,my mum with pancreatic cancer & my dad just having a full laryngectomy. It certainly wasn't easy for us but then I was an adult & so was my daughter albeit a very young one. I don't know what state you live in but all states have caring facilities with people that come out to help. I know in WA it is called Silver Chain & in Qld it is Blue Care, maybe getting onto the help site in your state will help ease the burden. Centrelink may be able to help you but we all know how useful centrelink is. Are you able to see a Dr & discuss it all. There is help out there we just have to find it for you. Just keep talking to all of us here and I'm sure that soon we will somehow work out the best way to help you. Stay in tough Irene & it may be hard but stay tough girl.
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I want to make you my friend Irene but from the blogs site I can't find anyway of requesting you to be my friend. I am really still finding my way around this site as it is not user friendly.
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