Hi everyone, I just need to vent here, because if I do it anywhere else I could hurt some good friends. One of my best friend's brother-in-law has just had his tonsils out. To be fair, he does have depression, and had a traumatic experience in hospital as a young child, but to hear him complain (all over facebook, and even a blog) you'd think he was suffering all the ills of the world at once. His latest complaint is that the no name brand of panadeine is worse to swallow than the panadol brand. I'm soooooooo tempted to comment that they make a suppository, but think that may be to close to telling him to shove it up..... (you can fill in the rest) Knowing how much everyone on this forum is suffering, and with such strength, patience, grace and courage, I feel really angry at his whinging. I don't want to say anything, though, because I see him once a month at my book group, and his sister in law (the host) is one of my closest friends. I could ignore it, except that he posts a new whine every few hours. And given that he was convinced that he wasn't going to survive the surgery, and was telling everyone he would be in ICU for a week afterwards; being able to swallow a tablet, at home in bed, should be a good thing. Thanks so much for letting me vent! It's so great to have this space for it. I'm wishing everyone many happy suprises. Emily
I know how tempting it must be to post something in appropriate but you could subtly hint that he could buy dissolving painkillers that is what I had when i had mine out as an adult or to save yourself the distress of reading the comments as a temporary measure you could click on his name and take the cursor down to setting click to remove his posts for the time being that way nobody else would be aware you are tired of his bleating and in a few weeks do the same thing to see his news feeds again. A little more subtle than removing him off your friends list. Just a suggestion but i know how frustrating it is to see these things there are so many people dying of colds at the moment too just feel like telling them to 'suck it up princess' regardless of gender. Take care Kas
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Oh this sounds so familiar except for me it was my Sister-in-law. I was going to suggest the same thing as Kas. Just hide his posts from your news feed that way no-one has to know and you don't have to listen to the whinges. Its really hard to bite your tongue but my Nanna's favourite saying is "bite your tongue blood in the mouth is better than blood on the ground" ha ha
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I agree with both of the previous replies .
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Thanks guys. It's really encouraging to hear from people who understand. love Emily
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