It's been 12 days since my husband and Father to my 2 kids has gone... Today I started to make the inevitable ph calls and now I just feel sad... He has gone, it feels more real today! Centrelink asked how old he was and I said 35... they sounded so shocked after I told them he fought hard for 7 months with stomach cancer. But at any age losing someone you love is always going to be hard. Some days I don;t want to be head of the household.. somedays I want someone to take care of me... But I have 2 little souls relying on their Mum now for everything... I am everything they have now.. It's lonely... but I'm sure there are rainbows coming... just keep looking up not down or I shall miss them. Thanks for all your messages of support.. you all deserve lots of cyber hugs!!! One day at a time...onwards I go ready to begin this new chapter in my life
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