Round One: May 2008 Round one was Mum (Dorris) versus Breast Cancer Beast in May 2008. Dorris defeated the beast with a masectomy and many rounds of chemo. Clear lymph nodes indicated a victorious battle. The beast wasn't all bad. Dorris proved tougher and more resilient than many others pegged her for (immediate family all knew better). As a family it brought us all closer together. For me personally, as the only daughter with the typical occasionally frought Mother/Daughter relationship, it reminded me how courageous she was, her inner strength, and just how much I loved her. I developed a zealous protective streak than still shows no sign of wavering. Following Round One with the beast, we all took great delight in spoiling Dorris. It was our way of paying back for what a great, caring Mum she has always been. Dorris accompanied me on a work trip to Tokyo and we made new memories together - often just simple things enjoying each others company. For me, I had a new level of respect for Dorris's courage. She wears a special badge of honour for beating the breast cancer beast. It made me feel so proud.
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