It seems so much harder second time round. Why is that? - Is it because Stomach Cancer is less glamorous? Everyone seems so much more scared of Stomach Cancer. I feel people withdraw (even close friends) quickly when I tell them Dorris's diagnosis. Do they know something about Stomach Cancer that I don't?? - Is it because it seems so unfair for one person to have to face this Beast twice? My Mum is a healthy 64 year old, who has always eaten her 5+ veges a day, never smoked, rarely drinks alcohol. We seem to be surrounded by others who gamble their health everyday and haven't had to face this beast once (let alone twice). - Is it because we know a little about what lies ahead already and know how hard treatment can be? We were naive in our last battle? Have our battle scars made us weary? - Is it because there doesn't seem to be much information around about Stomach Cancer in comparison to Breast cancer? - Is it because the only contact I've had with stomach cancer battlers is through this website & I haven't come across anyone yet who has won this battle? Lots of courageous fighters and supporters but haven't found anyone who beat stomach cancer yet. - Is it because Dorris doesn't realise that if she is offered chemo & radiation by the Doctor next week, that it is because the stomach cancer is inoperable? - Is it because the best option for my Mum would be Doctors offering next week to completely remove her stomach, replace it with the small intestine. A scary option given Mum is a champion baker / homecook extrordinaire. The ramblings of a worried and scared Rabbit who spends most days wishing there was a rabbit hole to dive into.
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Hi Rabbit, Not rambling at all. It is what we survivors live with every day - fortunetly for me it hasn't happened but I feel so much for your Mum and yourself. It is the ongoing fear and perhaps because you know more now, there is a greater element of anxiety of what may lay ahead. Being a bowel cancer survivor, I agree that there is not so much less information, but less overt conversation. In no way am I besmirching breat cancer patients (they deserve all the care that they receive) but the high profile that they have allows them nurses and information that some of the rest of us have to go searching for. If only there was the frunding that allowed all of us to have that level of care. I'm so glad that you gave your mum treats when she recovered from the last fight with the beast. She will remember them. I also shudder at the injustice of those of us who basically look after ourselves but still have this affliction. Cancer IS NOT fair. I send both you and your mum best wishes and I'm sure that she will draw strength from you. Take care, Samex
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Hi Rabbit I don't know a lot about stomach cancer either - I just know that my Uncle was diagnosed with it and had surgery and a great deal of his stomach removed and survived. Everyone is different we know that. Stay strong, we are all here for you anytime you need to write how you are feeling, coping, not coping etc. All the best to you and your mum. Take care, Willow xo
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Hi there Rabbit, Over the past 7 months my husband aged 35 battled stomach cancer... unfortunately he lost the battle 2 weeks ago... Apparently it is the 7th or 8th common cancer... obviously breast, prostate etc seem to be the "pin up" cancers... If you would like to know anything.. I am more than happy to impart my feeble knowledge.. as I sought the same back in Nov last year. Be strong.. take care of you too and we are always here for you day or night.. Love and cyber hugs to you Wifeyb
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