It seems so much harder second time round. Why is that? - Is it because Stomach Cancer is less glamorous? Everyone seems so much more scared of Stomach Cancer. I feel people withdraw (even close friends) quickly when I tell them Dorris's diagnosis. Do they know something about Stomach Cancer that I don't?? - Is it because it seems so unfair for one person to have to face this Beast twice? My Mum is a healthy 64 year old, who has always eaten her 5+ veges a day, never smoked, rarely drinks alcohol. We seem to be surrounded by others who gamble their health everyday and haven't had to face this beast once (let alone twice). - Is it because we know a little about what lies ahead already and know how hard treatment can be? We were naive in our last battle? Have our battle scars made us weary? - Is it because there doesn't seem to be much information around about Stomach Cancer in comparison to Breast cancer? - Is it because the only contact I've had with stomach cancer battlers is through this website & I haven't come across anyone yet who has won this battle? Lots of courageous fighters and supporters but haven't found anyone who beat stomach cancer yet. - Is it because Dorris doesn't realise that if she is offered chemo & radiation by the Doctor next week, that it is because the stomach cancer is inoperable? - Is it because the best option for my Mum would be Doctors offering next week to completely remove her stomach, replace it with the small intestine. A scary option given Mum is a champion baker / homecook extrordinaire. The ramblings of a worried and scared Rabbit who spends most days wishing there was a rabbit hole to dive into.
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