Well I am back from New Zealand, great holiday with my wonderful friends, and I guess this is why we go through the chemo to have good times again.I is hard to come back to blood tests scans appointments etc.It was so easy to pretend the last six months never happened and it was a bad dream,small reminders such as daily injections and hair continuing to fall out.On the whole it was very restfull for the soul with friends who were prepared to listen and not dismiss it all. As with erverybody, some friends could not cope and that's ok, because the true friends were there for me, so to my very cherished New Zealand friends, a very big thank you for making me feel loved and wanted.To all of you my new friends, I hope you also have friends who make you feel loved despite your illness. S
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What would we do withut those friends? Glad that you had such a pleasant time. It is so important isn't it? I am currently on the central coast with my family and even though the weather is awful, it is good to just take some space. S
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Hey vinouche ... welcome back and glad to hear you had a good time. Back to the grindstone again unfortunately, although i guess fortunately in some ways. Least if anything happens it can be picked up quickly and acted upon. :) take care Julie
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Hi vinouche Welcome back and so glad it was a good time and a restful time. A chance to put the last six months out of your mind. Well the reality hits, but lets hope those scans and bloods test are all good. cheers sailor It was a strange and pleasant life for me all summer, sailing entirely alone by sea and river...John MacGregor 1867 The Voyage Alone in the Yawl Rob Roy
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Nice to hear from you Vinouche. So glad you had such a wonderful time. It’s great to have a break away from the regime of treatment and the constant thinking of cancer. God bless your cherished friends in NZ. Take care. Reindeer
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