Found this great site joined and posted a very jumbly letter about the lack of good communication between the medical fields am glad I did so after reading people with the same thoughts. We were at last and only after becoming annoyed (?) told as close as was possible about my length of time, this at least gives me some scope on what I would like to fulfill with my family and friends ,my husband always says that there is one thing consistant in life and that is change oh boy is he right! It is so good to be able to be in contact with people who cry, talk and sound just like me with feelings all familiar, not very computer literate so bear with me and scuse mistakes. Due for 2nd round chemo tomorrow, this last week went well hope this follows, has anybody experienced VERY cold hand part arm from treatment found it almost agonising just curious. Put on a happy face Barbara
Hi Barbara, welcome to the site. Glad you've been able to get some answers from your medical people. Although it's very bad news you've received by the sounds of things it's good that you are making plans with what you want to do, the type of time you want to spend with important others and so forth. With the cold feeling in the hand arm with chemo I've experienced that too. Brrr. Hugs Deejjay
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Hi Barbara! Yes- it is hard when you receive not enough information, and certainly when you have to get crazy to receive it. Best Wishes with you and your family- make the most of every day and just be. Life is so precious and so fleeting. Cheers! PA
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