So- we are waiting to hear back from Prof about treatment options.....maybe nothing, maybe more surgery? But our main goal is still pain management. Why does he get pain? Why does it last so long somedays and others it responds to medication? Why is Panamax sometimes the most effective pain medicine? Why is it that sometimes it doesn't work at all? Why does it keep him in bed for days at a time? Why can't he always feel good? What is the cause of the pain? These questions just keep going round and round and round. It could be the tumour, it could be adhesions, it may last another year, it may last another 20 years........on an on an on...... But when he is good he is very very good- but when he is bad he is rotten! How do we explain to our two and four year old what is going on? Do they already know? Do they understand? We just seem to be waiting....and don't even understand what it is we are waiting for. Ah well! Patience is a virtue so I am told! And the saga continues to unfold.................
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