After reading everyone else's thoughts, fears, advice, news and words of encouragement I have finally got to the point of sharing mine. Only fair! I have been heartened and inspired by all of you. My husband was diagnosed with GBM in August 2006. The date was also the anniversary of the outbreak of World War 1. Seems appropriate and our battle has actually lasted longer. Waiting for the scan is right up there as one of the hardest things to bear. It doesn't get any easier with experience, in fact it is getting harder I think. Perhaps because the thought of another operation or different treatment and the possible effects that. We travel a line of being okay or not okay. That said my husband has done amazingly well and at 6 and a half years with Glioblastoma is inspirational, to me and I hope to some of you who are looking for confirmation of hope. He has had four craniotomies radio surgery, radiotherapy and has been on chemo now for all of that time. On Avastin for nearly two years now. He is tough but otherwise does nothing special. Eats icecream and chocolate, steak and as few vegetables and green things as possible. One thing he does have and has for the whole time is have a mango every day. (hence my alias). In season it is a fresh mango, out of season a freezer full of frozen mango is turned into a breakfast mango smoothie. Nothing but mango and enough skim milk to make it drinkable. All the best to everyone in this community. Hoping that in one week the news is good for us and for all of you waiting for the next result.
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