My partner had an appointment with his NO on Monday and went on his own - Mr Independent. It sounds like everything is OK. NO drops his Dex to 4mg a day but my partner seems to be scared of getting the dose down. Last time he tried, he lost his speech but I think it's more about the old treatment failed to control tumour growth which then caused brain swelling and lost of speech. I guess you can argue that taking higher dose Dex will keep everything under control. Well, it's not exactly true, my partner's weight has gone through the roof! The second dose of Avastin is coming up this Friday. My bank probably loves me and my new high credit card spending. I will gain a bit of frequent flyer points but never get around to go overseas due to my partner's GBM and the costs of both Avastin & holidays. What's the point of getting those points? MRI scan will be scheduled in a couple of weeks to find out whether Avastin works. I hope it does as it seems to be less toxic and my partner seems to be a lot more active in the last couple of weeks. Fingers crossed!
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I hope the MRI shows a good result .
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Hi Peanutz, Hope your hubby has some good news on Monday, the MRI for my son son Kep resulted in growth has gone deeper into the brain so they wont operate but can keep having Chemo, couldnt give us a time frame which I know is individual. His youth is on his side, I hate this and I know I am not the only one out there. Regards Sandra
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Thanks Silly and Sandra. I'm actually expecting a bad news seeing how poor my partner is doing at the moment. It's been 2 weeks since his 2nd dose of Avastin. He has been extremely tired since we got back from Hobart (10 days after Avastin) and the exhaustion keeps getting worse each day. He's been spending most of the time in bed and hardly does anything but getting up to have his meals or go to toilets and occasionally have a shower. Since yesterday he hardly talks to me at all and made quite a mess in the toilet and bathroom's basin when he decided it was all too hard to aim right in the toilet and failed again in the bathroom. I was so angry and frustrated for having to clean up after him over and over again. Interestingly I told him off and he seems to try harder and stops making a mess.
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I am sorry that you are having such a bad time .
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