Finding it difficult coming to terms with the side effects of the anterior resection, no colostomy, the toilet can never be too far away, I know it is just a matter of getting my diet right, but it is hard to keep positive when there is so much discomfort. Chemo starts next week. I feel a fraud when I read other blogs...........
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Hi chrissst's,I just wanted to validate your post and to say what you are going through is just as important as anyone else who has cancer.Your experience and upcoming chemo treatment is not a fraud,it is happening to you and I feel for you. This site is for everyone to share so please don't think of yourself as being a is not a competition to see who has the worse kind of cancer...Cancer strikes in many different ways and we as members support each other through our individual trials. Of course it's hard to stay positive when you are going through such discomfort.. Good luck with your chemo and be gentle with yourself. Dotty
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Thankyou for your post, it came when I needed it most, I am on that roller coaster of this just can't be happening and I don't like feeling like this! Its only been a few weeks, and I have trouble accepting that I cannot return to my normal life pre surgery, everyone tells me how lucky I am that it was caught early, but I don't feel lucky......I have to get my head around this......I am determined!
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Hey there! My husband has also got to be close to a toilet at all times....... I have been reading many colo rectal cancer sites for advice on toilet ing issues, it seems to be diet related. Maybe find a good naturopath who can help with this side of things....... Good luck to you! PA
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Although I don't have issues with my bowel, I do understand your frustration and how easy it is to feel miserable with the outcome after surgery. Yes you are lucky to have caught it early, as am I, but at the same time the feelings you have about it are completely normal. All I have to worry about at this stage is incontinence as far as side effects are concerned... But it feels like something really major! And I only wish things were better than that! My advice is that you are allowed to feel miserable some days, just try not to let yourself dwell on the negatives for too long. This is my second time around and it's hard to remain positive ALL the time, but a good dose of positivity balanced by some times of negativity really are normal. And posting on here about feeling negative isn't fraudulent, totally the opposite. We all feel that way at times and are here to support each other. Even if it's just a kind word to make you feel heard.
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