In 2 months time it will be 2 years since I was diagnosed with cancer. I just had a phone call from my youngest sister ,18 years younger than me, the first contact since she was told. It was to say thanks for the Christmas card we sent. Actually my husband did that one amongst others. I had crossed her off the list in my mind. She asked how my eye was and I replied it will always be the same (thinking she was asking about it constantly weeping). I realised by her silence that she probably thought I had an eye cancer because that was what Mum thought it was at one stage and my sister got the info from Mum. I explained a bit about it and after a little while she changed the subject and we talked of other things. Then she had to go , This left me a little angry after I hung up. I don't understand why she rang ,maybe guilt because I had always dropped in if driving down her way and we had made a special trip there and back to drop Mum and she could visit.She lives about 4 hours away, one way. We had given her children many ,many books as they are avid readers. We had shown an interest in her family . She made no phone call to me in all that time. I am a bit puzzled .
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