Well today I got a reality check for myself and it is only just sinking in. I had a lump in my neck which took over 6 months to diagnose to finally have it operated on the 5th feb removing my left thyroid. Turns out its cancer so have to have the other side removed on the 5th march as well but its ok as thyroid cancer is the best type to have as the prognosis in 10 years where others are about 5. Turn out I have a rare form of cancer - hurthle cell - and it is an invasive cancer that likes to travel through the blood stream and sight see and take residence in other parts of your body. Prognosis is no longer the happy 10 years but considerably less. OMG I have cancer. It hit home today and while I have made this blog humorous, the reality has sunk in as I have to have further treatment. Radio-iodine treatment does not actually kill the hurthle cell cancer but then it cant hurt to have this treatment as also I will have a full body scan which will hopefully show up if those little suckers have taken a holiday somewhere else in my body. So.. I would love to hear from anyone else who may have heard or know about hurthle cell cancer. Cheers Christine
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