4 years agoMy hubby developed bowel cancer, He had an operation and was given a bag for awhile whilst he had chemo. Through his chemo he was sometimes a saint others a devil. After the reversal and through another round of treatment he was told. ALL CLEAR my heart, started to sing and I felt 15 ft Tall. then within 6/7 weeks I noted somthing that was not right on his side. A small lump. After the scans we where told that there was a wandering rouge cell that had developed in his upper left lobe in his lung. No problem will be dealt with!. He had so called lump removed via telescopic intervention. Fantastic. No treatment presribed. Which I questioned.I asked should he not have some clearing up precedure?No necessary I was told within 8/12 weeks on the telescopic sites small nodes appeared. which grew rapidly. Another operation later when loads of muscle and the lowest floating rib with also a 2 inch access widow drilled through the two rib above this. to remove the tumours that had grown on/in the bones. I now had my hubby after being told yep easy cure. Told TERMINAL. The whole family now suffers with him mentaly. I feel like a hamster on a wheel wondering when i might fall of. My daughter recently overdosed due to her fear of loosing her dad it was as if after four years there is only one outcome which she fears more than me. I have asked for counselling, which has gone by the by the by.My grandson dropped out of college. His grandad is the only man who has been constent in his life. as he and his mum live with us.We all need help
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