Hi all!! So, my husband is back in hospital due to losing six kg in a week......he can't keep food down and he has chronic diarrhea. Yesterday he went out for a walk around the hospital and had a fall (he's 39 and not a falls risk usually).... Anyway, he took skin off everywhere including his face. He has no idea how it happened.... Today I had not heard from him at all. Usually he calls me in the morning to talk to the kids, or request some clothes etc. I texted him and tried to call him throughout the day without success. Not so unusual, sometimes he has bad pain and tries to sleep it off....anyway, when I hadn't heard from him by about six pm, I called the ward. The very lovely nurse then told me that he had had a most unfortunate day, he had started off by falling asleep at the nurses station standing up.....he's been doing that in my kitchen for months.....and the toilet.......and the lounge room.......anyway......they then realized that something was wrong, and called a code on him, he needed narcan (which is what they use to bring junkies out of overdoses) to wake him up.....and they had to give it to him six times over the course of today. And no one called me to tell me this was happening. And the nurse even said it was quite scary.......... I asked to speak to him, and the nurse called me back from his phone and told me to keep it short as he was confused. Anyway, he kept dropping the phone, told me he was confused and had no clue what had happened today. Then hung up. About an hour later, he called again and talked complete gibberish and told me he was just going for a walk.......then hung up again......I have been trying to get through to the ward, but they are not answering, my seven year old is in bed asleep with croup and my four year old won't go to sleep.......what do I do? I have taken the day off work tomorrow to hopefully get some answers but they aren't managing him....we lurch from one crisis to another crisis....but in between he is in Bed, in pain or totally depressed....... He is not living......he is enduring........if he was a dog they would have shot him by now....... Surely he can't be the only person in Australia living like this?? Although I spoke to my cousin tonight who is an ED nurse in a major Sydney hospital and asked her if she had frequent flyers like him......who have cancer that they can't treat, who bounces in and out of hospital with a new crisis frequenly......she replied the only cancer frequent flyers she sees are the ones who get a bowel obstruction, or get infections in their IVs.........where do we fit in????? We live in an amazing country....the doctor that is treating him is reputedly the best in our Area......I can't get him to Sydney, I can't even get him to Brisbane.......he is too unwell to travel..........what do I do?????? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Frustration is pouring out of me right now......................
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