Since my last blog in June my mother-in-law has been doing so well, she's really defying all expectations. She is bright and chirpy, her hair is even growing back in. She's abandoned some of her mobility aids and having less outside help at home. BUT, and its a big one, the weight keeps falling off her. At her visit with her GP today she had lost 5kg in 3 weeks and at least 10kg in the 2 months before that. She's eating well, though very small servings since the tumours in her liver are squashing her stomach space somewhat. She is starting to look very gaunt, and struggle with cold and shivering episodes. And I have to wonder how much longer can this go on. She's under 60kg now. What happens when she drops down to 45kg or even 40kg? We see her Palliative Care doc next week which I hope will be helpful and I can ask about this then. But its preying on my mind ever since this morning's appointment. So I'm venting a bit and wondering if others out there have had similar experiences. At one level I don't know if I want to hear about them but at another level I know I need to.
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