My son has started having daily seizures since last thursday, last MRI 2 weeks ago showed a slow growing further into his brain thats why they cant operate, only small seizures. They started him on dex on sunday but he is still getting headaches not as bad as they were, but they are hammering him with morpine, he is so out of it.. anybody else had this experience sandra
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Sorry Sandra, never experience this. What I experience at the moment is totally different. Sometimes Dennis can speak like normal for a couple of hours (usually in the morning), no problem finding words or get the wrong words and all in sudden he has trouble speaking and I can hardly understand him. Very weird.
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Hi Sandra, my husband has an oligodendroglioma in his right frontal lobe. He was diagnosed in 2004 with the 1st one which was operated on and they are now just monitoring the second one that is growing with 6 monthly MRIs. We have good and bad days and he takes Epilum for seizure control. He too suffers from bad headaches for which he takes very strong painkillers. I'm starting to think that the medication makes them sicker but what to you do? I feel for you as I feel very helpless at times and so isolated. Sorry I can't offer anymore than this. Take care Maya
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Hi Sandra, Gary has seizures and has done all along, we are in palitive care now, he will be gone in a day or so, they are increasing his morphine again as he has a seizure every time they turn him, not nice for him, me or the kids, hopefully it ends tomorrow for him. Hugs Llorraine.
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Hugs coming your way, make me siver to think what we all have to endure, lets hope he doesnt linger too long, my son has improved with the Dex, what next thinking of you Sandra
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