Hi everyone, Im new here so please understand if I make a few mistakes along the way. I am the Aussie residing partner of a fabulous man who resides in the US. He had just told me he has a recurrence of throat cancer. Being so far away from someone you love is hard enough, but to be told this makes it even harder. He thought his cancer had returned, but was so scared he put off going to the Doctors until he could avoid it no longer. He has now asked me to get on with my life and not worry about him, that he will be fine, hes beaten it once before he will do it again. He has not given me any further details. I need advice on what to do. Literature I have read suggests that friends and family should not walk away but keep up normal daily contact. I feel that his telling me to get on with my own life is an attempt to protect me from what may be a battle he cannot win.I am 25 he is 35, so he is very aware of our age difference and doesnt think I can cope with it I suppose.I'm tougher than I look and mature for my age so I think I would handle it OK. I have my own support network here also I have told him that I want to be involved and help where I can, however, if he feels I can't be I will give him space and time, and when he ever needs to talk to someone I will be here for him, any time any place. I appreciate that I should respect his wishes, but Im not the sort of person to cut and run. I would like to hear from anyone who has been in a similar situation.
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