Hi everyone, I'm new to this site even though I was told about it a year ago. Wish I came earlier. I had a first time seizure out of nowhere in July 2010 and 6 days later I was having a brain tumour removed. Grade 2 Malignant (Slow growing). So slow in the last 12 months it has not grown a millimeter. My Doctor suggested we "wait and see before we start Chemo" for the first month. Then I went 2 months later for another MRI. Then 3 months then 6 months. Up until 2 weeks ago and my cancer is still sleeping beauty. I have my seizures under control now and I'm looking at starting full time work again. Each time I get so worked up before the appointment. I just feel like "this is it, I won't be lucky anymore". The doctor tells me good news and I burst into tears anyway. Is this a normal reaction to great news? My emotions are getting increasingly hard to control. I want to be relaxed and easy going like I was before. I think by not talking with people in similar situations I have failed to really let me accept what has happened and what is happening. Thanks for listening. Live to Love Katie
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