Just when I thought the chemo symptoms were reducing I got a throat cough over the weekend and suffered through 48 hours of new pain. Strangely this pain seems to have dissipated with a bout of pretty full on vomiting tonight. Maybe all the crap was in my stomach. The oncologist today confirmed no further reduction in tumour size from the initial 2 cms. Day 12 of radiotherapy tomorrow.
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Paul ... when I finished chemo I got scoped by an ENT and he said there was still some of the tumour left. Then I had radiotherapy and no problems since. Take care Julie
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I hope so Jules , I am really suffering now at Day 14 of Day 35 mostly due to the severity of the chemo and the radiotherapy .I am on quite a few medications now due to the side-effects. Any remaining in the tumour wouldn't be so bad unlike if there was still a leftover lymph node which would need more chemo. At this stage best case scenario is back at work November which will exhaust almost all of my personal leave leaving no safety net for anything else. Looks like I will have a few extra Xmas presents this year at Peter Mac due to the gratitude you feel.
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Paul I struggled with my 2nd chemo ... i think they whammy us with that one. I did speak to my onco bloke after the 2nd and the 3rd one was a breeze. He changed anti nausea drugs and think maybe they lowered the dose? Paul, it sucks having to take time off and I had 5 months off for treatment and then it took a while for me to get back to work. I was just not physically, mentally or emotionally able to deal with working and this cancer has taken it's toll on me. I am now back to working more than full time hours. Took a while to recover. Slowly but surely I just kept working at things and managed to claw my way back to some sort of normality. Julie
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Gday Paul I agree with what Julie has said about Chemo..I initially was on GEM/CARBO combination for 6 sessions, but with delays of low blood counts and hospital visits etc,instead of taking 3 months took under 5, and that was with a reduction to 80% in the end. I am now on a new one (Alimpta) and although the reduction in the tumor isnt as much, I can still have regular Chemo without the blood problems (SO Far)..With your neasea and vomitting, have your tried Ginger....I have found it to be invaluable (ginger beer..ginger tablets ..ginger tea...only as needed) and also am on "Pramin" Tablets 4 times a day...Hope this helps.. Greg & De
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