After a rather quiet long weekend, we are about to complete our first month live (tomorrow) and I think we should all be proud of how our community is beginning to grow and consolidate. For the statistics lovers (with me being counted as one), we are only 6 users away from reaching 700 registered users. We have also had over 17,000 page views and more than 2,000 visits in these first 4 weeks. It is also interesting seeing that we continue having a good percentage of international visitors with an accumulated of 14% for our first 4 weeks. The US, the UK and Canada continue being our 3 major international sources of visitors. Locally, our top 5 cities are Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Raymond Terrace and Brisbane. So yes, for the ones following this space, Brisbane has finally jumped into the 5th place leaving Canberra in 6th place in the number of visits. In terms of development, there are two things we have continued working on. The first one is on having capabilities for multilingual content and also we continue working on developing some private spaces for some conversations people might not feel comfortable having on the open spaces. I hope everyone enjoyed a well deserved rest during the long weekend Best wishes
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