About a year of opperations.I was hoping my plastic surgeon would be bored with me by now.She is pretty cool and does have a good sense of humor.She first introduced herself as a human panel-beater.True story.

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Hi @Glenno ,


It is refreshing and particularly surprising to find any surgeon who seems to have any sense of humour. Usually they are just so arrogant and full of their own importance.


The friendliest doctor in my team was the oncologist - while he didn't joke too much himself, he was receptive to jokes from me.


Surgeons need to lighten up - a LOT!!!




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Hi Rick,

I think the pressure, responsibility and workload probably tends to lead them to not spending too much time joking around.

I've found that their sense of humour is best described as "dry".


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Hi Glenno,

This is great to hear. I think that humour can be good at diffusing an otherwise tense conversation.

Hopefully she's mostly managed to bash you back in to shape by now.




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