Hello everyone  Im not to sure how to talk to other people about cancer,so here i go.My name is Glenno,I love the outdoor life working on a banana farm and suger cane farms for 22 years.The sun has had her wicked way with me.I have had 5 sets of operations on my face.Both my hands and forearms and my fingers have all been grafted.Also my scalp my neck my back .thighsand my lower legs.I also had a few years ago.Metastatic  large growths on my lymphatic system under my armpit,so  i think its called a mascetomy on my right side. I now have lymphodema in my right arm and a frozen right shoulder.Yes i have had radiation treatments. And a the smaller cancers i have burnt off. There has been lots of infections as well. I have had 80 Hyperbaric chamber dives to help with healing. There are other medival proplems as well.I still have another 4 sets operations to go.So yes i have been through a lot of shit.The best thing is i am ok.So if anyone has any questions to ask,I might be able to help.

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