Hi everyone , well since being on here hiding away your advise has been wonderful. I went and had surgery on the fourth of july once again. number seven now and all went well I thought. Doctor seems think the mass is and might not be cancer which is good and the bladder fix up went well. They had some trouble putting the sling in for there was way to much scar tissue but they went with a small one and hope it stays in place but I am on three weeks bed rest and should get the result in about ten days so I am pleased, sore, a bit excited. My family have been great, my dad coming up was the best my kids look after me well. I am thankful even my husband has come home to help. Hopefully he stays but not getting hopes up on that one. All in all not a bad result. Will keep everyone posted when the results come in. Thanks again this sight is great for venting good and bad news. Lizzie1040.
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