Hi Everyone, Haven't managed to blog for a while, things have been hectic the last 5 weeks. My eyes can barely stay awake right now, I am sooooooo tired, yet when I go to bed, sleep doesn't come. Instead it is the silence that is deafening and the ongoing thoughts through my head. I am feeling over-whelmed right now, Christmas was tough enough and New Year's Eve was pretty hard, but yesterday was our eldest son's birthday, he turned 8!! The time has flown by so quickly, we waited 7 long years to get our precious boy, after 8 miscarriages and 3 ectopic pregnancies, IVF and one fallopian tube removed. Then our son was conceived naturally and I was able to 'carry' him to term. He is our miracle boy. In October I really struggled with the preparations for our youngest son's (6) birthday party. I wasn't looking forward to organizing a party for the eldest, I just don't have the strength right now, lucky for me he just wanted to take one mate to the movies to see Alvin and the Chipmunks the Squeakel. Great!! Sitting in a movie theater would mean I was forced to do nothing but sit for an hour and a bit. The movie is all about brothers looking out for brothers and how important family is. I was almost a blubbering mess. Thanks to everyone who has sent me private messages to 'check up on me', I am just so exhausted I haven't taken the time to reply. I really do appreciate your support. Willow, your words were exactly right, have faith in yourself, just by sending me that message you gave me extra strength to get through. I'll try to do a 'proper update' soon. Kind regards Jill.
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