The shoe thing was supposed to go in the writer's section but it ended up for general consumption. Don't know what I did wrong but I ama bit dense at times. Maybe others can relate as well here. S
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i can relate to that samex !! Just read your "shoes" and i like. What i particularly liked about it is, at the end you finish off with something positive. It is so difficult to get our heads around the "new us" and you always seem to encapsulate things so well with your writing! Julie xo
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Hi Julie, I think by trying to focus on what the alternative may have been is the only way I get my head around the "new us". Thanks for the comments about the writing. I hadn't written for years - I think being an Englsih teacher and therefore constantly surrounded by the great writers gave rise to my witing being worthless. Here at least I can write and not be judged and for me it really helps at times. The shoe thing really gives me the S***s though! S
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Hey samex ... well i have to fess up that until i read your post i commented o nthis one. I wrote something about jimmy choo shoes, which i quickly came and deleted as soon as i read your writing. I dont think you should compare yourself to the "greats". It takes some talent to be able to write as you do, so i think you are pretty great in your own right!! Julie xo I like shoes too and i do feel for you now that you cant wear what you used to. Mourning our losses is important!
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