Just an idea that came to mind today as my feet were really sore and I didn't even look at the pretty shoes in the sales. (Sorry Sailor, it's a girl thing!) I am vertically challenged in a sea of giants. I am getting older and therefore dress more "sensibly". But I was always able to have beautiful shoes. Pretty red shoes Pretty black shoes Not sensible shoes Shoes with heels and tiny straps. Then oxalipalitan. Neuropathy Twenty percent have ongoing residual pain and numbness. Twenty percent can no longer wear pretty shoes. Expensive sensible shoes to control the ongoing foot pain. No more pretty straps and heels. No more bare feet on a hot day. But the good thing is I am here to feel the discomfort. Sore feet - better than the alternative.
Oh how I can relate to your words, samex. I used to wear the most atrocious shoes - huge skinny heels, wobbling around because I and everyone who was wearing them thought they were sooo fashionable. Now, as you said, it is the expensive 'sensible' shoes that some of us are forced or choose to wear - for my part I choose to wear them now as MS 'forced' me to wear flat shoes. Since I have been on chemo,about once or twice a week my feet really hurt- they sting! I checked them out tonight and found the soles of my feet were peeling - so I have rubbed cream into them and am wearing pretty pink socks to protect them. I can always pretend the socks are $300 shoes! A little attempt at humour - my feet have always been sensitive - I can't stand anyone touching them and since getting MS they twitch as do my legs - not all the time but occasionally. Putting the cream on my feet tonight was a feat (no pun intended) in itself! Anyway I hope your feet stop hurting and as you so wisely said -at least we are here to feel the discomfort. Take care ( I gotta do it- meeeow)!
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Hi I am no longer squeezing into high heels either - I seek out the flat ones but still want them to look pretty. My body ached and hurt so much during treatment that heels were the furthest thing from my mind - then I broke my toe which is still 'not quite right' and then i hurt my back when treatment finished. So it's bye bye heels and hello to flat sensible shoes probably forever. I do agree it is really a small price to pay. I have more important things to worry about these days. And I have found too that the flat shoes are generally much less expensive than the heels. All the best, Willow xo
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I am the carer and have not had any treatment to stop me from wearing heels. Uncoordination when elavated is what has stopped me!! LOL! I am 5ft1 and scared of heights. Thats my excuse and i am sticking with it. I have a pair of Diana Ferrari flats with an ankle strap and they r sooooo beautiful. Wish I had bought several of them! I wear them to death. Dont ask me how I am unable to wear heels as once upon a when I was a very graceful dancer, gymnast and sometime model and 2 out of 3 of those required heels. In fact I still fancy myself quite a dancer, especially after a few voddies haha. Anyway, I have noticed that DF makes a whole range of 'sensible' shoes that look fabulous and are not to expensive. Especially if you are anywhere near factory outlets such as harbour town or DFO. I got mine on a melbourne shopping weekend for $20. Not only are they hot but the are a BARGAIN hehe. Take care ladies Alana :-)
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My feet - resemble Boab trees - the heel has gone, but the elegance has not. Think Audrey Hepburn in ballet flats 🙂
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