My husband of 40 years was just diagnosed with eosphageal cancer,we were six months into retirement and travelling around Australia in our caravan,he just started to have a bit of trouble swallowing and put it down to eating too fast, after a couple of months it got worse and he was vomiting his food soon after eating, then started to lose weight.I made him go to a Doctor in far North Queensland,and it was suggested we return to a bigger town to get a complete diagnoses,well we did, and that is where it all happened,the Surgeon then suggested we return to our home town in Sydney as they had better facilities. We arrived back in Sydney after a long journey and are now parked on our daughters front lawn in our caravan, not the ideal situation as we did not have a home of our own to return to, and the caravan parks in Sydney are notoriously expensive and we are both on a pension. However we are grateful to be close to family at this time. Saw a local doctor at the medical centre where he had been attending over the years we lived here as he had a heart bypass back in 2006,showed him the scans from Rockhampton and letter showing what they had found, and he immediately referred us to a Surgeon in the area,got to that appointment and the whole test thing started over again, it just seems to drag on and on with no real results,they have done CT scans,countless blood tests,Pet scans,endoscopies,(Rockhampton,Sydney)both of these were aborted because the tumor is now obstructing 3/4 of his tube.Biospies were done this week from the second endoscopy and we now have to wait another week to see the specialist again to get any more results, it is really frustrating. I know that these things do takes time, but watching Les having trouble eating and feeling useless because his right shoulder is giving a lot of pain as well,(which is giving me to suspect that the cancer has spread outside)and he cannot do the things he used to do.
Oh gypsy what a difficult time for you both. My husband has a brain tumour so I understand how hard it is to see your man go through such a tough time. The early weeks of tests and waiting to fully be told results and prognosis was very hard. This site has been a godsend, being able to vent and not be judged is very helpful. Look after yourself too. Terese xox.
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Thank you for that, yes it is hard, but we did get one bit of news today, the Specialist receptionist rang and said he was to go to Oncology next Friday, hope to hear more news Monday when we go to Specialist..Best wishes for what you are going through as well 🙂
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Gypsy, I can so relate to your story, my husband of 43 years had only been retired for 6 months when he was diagnosed with Osophageal cancer, when we got to see the surgeon he said he couldn't operate as John's cancer was already Stage 4 (the cancer was also in his liver & stomach lymph nodes) we were then sent to an oncologist who arranged for John to start Chemo, I guess we were fortunate because he started treatment just 3 weeks after the initial diagnosis. I've had to give up work to care for John full time, it's now been 14 months & John's still hanging in there. If you need to talk or ask questions you can always private message me & I'll help in any way I can. It sometimes helps to be able to communicate with someone who is experiencing the same kind of cancer. Best wishes to you & Les. Barbara xoxo
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Thank you so much Barbara for your kind words, I cannot believe our stories sound so similar, retirement 6 months, I hope we can learn more on Monday as to how far it has spread etc. what treatments are available all of these things,I will have to buy an appointment book I think,I had to ring every Doctors surgery this morning for all of the appt.times for next week as there are three so far. Could you also tell me how to private message you as it sounds as though you are much further along than us, and I would very much appreciate sharing information with you. Best wishes also to yourself and your husband xx00xx Also thanks to all so far that have responded to my post, I cannot believe there are so many caring people around.
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One thing that upsets me a lot is hearing how quickly stage 4 cancer sufferers seem to go downhill. Since my diagnosis of stage 4 adenocarcinoma I have almost lost the will to go on living knowing what might be ahead. I have days when I am happy and the only thing that does bring me happiness is being with my fiance and her kids, thinking that I might be dead in a years time is too much for me. This morning I lay in bed calling out my fiances name even though she was at work. I lay there feeling like my body was made of lead, i couldnt move, the one thing that got me out of bed was when she called me several hours later . I dont want to die and I dont want to be without her. I am getting counselling, I havent started chemo even yet but a lot of the time i feel like my time is up
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