Hi all. I will keep an online diary re; pancreatic cancer. Any info that I am going to be sharing will represent only my own opinion and won't be an advice of any sort to anyone. I am NOT a medical practitioner and I am not associated with a commercial entity that may be promoting any treatments or products that may help in cancer prevention or treatment. My partner has been recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. As I have access to the most recent medical studies and medical journals and have good internet browsing skills I will post any and all info I find interesting regarding pancreatic cancer in this blog. Only recently I've started learning about pancreas and pancreatic cancer therefore I am an amateur. I will share what we will be going through and what kind of therapeutic treatments will be undertaken including dietary regimen. So far, I've invested 4 weeks in making a very comprehensive strategy that we are about to execute. It includes both conventional and alternative approach. I personally do not favour either but have insisted on exercising both at the same time. I believe in science and am a sceptic by the nature, however I will scrutinise both - conventional and alternative ideas if/when I can. So far we have gone through the Whipple's procedure. She has been recovering very well. I will talk more about it in coming days. I will also talk more about our dietary, physiological and psychological therapeutic plans as well as chemotherapy and other ideas and intentions. My intention is to contribute to this website voluntarily by sharing our own experience, available online resources and most current developments in relation to this deadly disease, and in such a way assist others who may find some of our strategies useful. Thanks.
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